SNG is a private and robust international business chamber, which provides membership exclusively to exceptional entrepreneurs and dynamic professional consultants.

SNG directly interacts with its approximately 130 000 members through more than 300 global regional offices (SNG Agencies) which are managed and supported by 63 international offices (SNG Franchises), based in the major cities around the world.

SNG is absolutely relentless about business development and the support of entrepreneurs in their pursuit of achieving extraordinary success. The key factor behind its legacy of success and sustainability is no doubt a direct result of SNG’s unique business and marketing models as well as its Code of Conduct & Ethics and well established Intellectual Capital as defined in the SNG Constitution.

SNG therefore as a matter of principle remains very strict with its marketing model which allows new members into the organization.

Moreover, SNG is a member based organization just like any other business chamber in the world which makes it obvious that only registered members can have access to its vast collective corporate resources and infrastructure, hence its exclusivity.


The significant value contribution SNG membership holds is the access to venture capital funding and industry specific corporate advisory services as well as business opportunities and new global business markets, all within one organization.

SNG members are registered in one or more of its internal divisions:

Global venture capital firms, investment angels and capital funds are registered as members in SNG’s internal division International Business Finance Corporation www.ibfc-online.com, which provide business funding to fellow members.

Global professional consultancy firms (lawyers, auditors, engineers, corporate security consultants etc.) are registered as member consultant firms in SNG’s internal division Callister International www.callisterinternational.com, which provide industry specific corporate advisory services to fellow members.

Global business leaders/entrepreneurs are registered in SNG’s business and entrepreneurial development division Summit Network Group, which offer potential new markets and clients as well as an array of lucrative and sustainable business opportunities to fellow members.

By bringing the 3 groups of members together in any particular transaction, SNG ensures that all parties involved benefit financially and/or professionally and/or intellectually, while the success of the business venture is significantly enhanced due to all parties’ commitment to adhere to SNG’s high standards of corporate ethics and the rules and regulations of the SNG Constitution.

The mutual interaction between SNG members and their dedicated commitment to ensure the success of any particular project is unique in the global economy, hence the exclusive and sought after nature of SNG associate membership.


SNG members have unanimously voted against any kind of advertising campaign to attract new members, specifically to prevent opportunists from becoming SNG members. The members of SNG are adamant that they are collectively responsible for the integrity and sustained availability of corporate resources within the SNG business chamber.

As such, they likewise are adamant that they have the exclusive right to select and recruit new SNG members who they know and trust to be exceptional professionals and who are very dynamic and ambitious. Obviously SNG members they would like to conduct business with. In terms of this decision a resolution was passed that every single member of SNG has the privilege and thus the ultimate responsibility to invite 2 likeminded individuals from their respective professional networks, which could either be an investor, professional consultant or an entrepreneur.

This membership expansion policy allows SNG to continuously add the most resourceful and dynamic associate members to its fold, which would otherwise never be possible through conventional membership marketing campaigns.

The success and sustainability of SNG is therefore directly attributed to the fact that its associate members are taking full responsibility for the organization’s organic growth in membership and its corporate resources. By allowing non members to utilize the corporate resources without having to contribute and take collective responsibility for the organic growth of SNG, will thus ultimately destroy the dynamic business model and successful legacy of the SNG organization.


SNG has designed a highly successful strategy to protect the invaluable SNG Intellectual Property Rights as well as the sensitive business affairs and privacy of SNG members from acts of corporate espionage and hackers, which has to date never been breached.

All membership details are stored on databases without internet access at an undisclosed facility, which is in fact the only guaranteed form of protection against any kind of corporate espionage and hacking.

SNG is most certainly the organization no entrepreneur or corporate executive can afford not to have as a business partner. It is also clearly evident that SNG is in fact the only business chamber in the world that provides its members with direct access to corporate funding, and industry specific corporate advisoryservices, and business opportunities as well as new global markets for its members’ products and services within one organization.

For a list of some of the recent successful transactions in which SNG has secured vital corporate resources on behalf of its registered members, click here


SNG is a registered associate member of the philanthropic organization Global Association of Billionaires and Millionaires (GABM), and we participate in all philanthropic programs of the organization to alleviate global poverty.


SNG is a key note speaker at 12 annual conferences all over the world, which is hosted by Global Association of Billionaires and Millionaires (GABM) for international business leaders.

SNG has received the 2012 'GABM Best Corporate Citizen Award' for the Entrepreneurial Development industry category in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, UK and the USA.